Acorn's You Better Believe It UD CDX CGC Delta Therapy Pet Partner Dog

For reference only.  Ripley is neutered.

Hi my name is Acorn's You Better Believe It or better known as just “Ripley”.  My story starts when I was 8 weeks old and I left my mom and siblings to live in a home to be trained as a Hearing and Service Dog, but they just left me in my kennel and didn't have time for me.  They did feed me and let me out to do my duties, but as you know us Golden Retrievers like to be with the family and get allot of attention.


So one day a lady came and took me for a ride and I met a new lady (Luanne) that took me to her home on a lake.  What a change my life took then.  Things were so different, I met Ashley Ann another puppy two weeks older than me and we became best friends.  Two older goldens lived there also Allyson and Ginny Lea.  Ginny took me swimming, but at first that was so scary till they started throwing toys in the lake and I just can't resist going and bringing everything I can back.


Then my training started I was about four months old, what a great time I had. I would get to wear an outfit a little red vest that I wore proudly which said Hearing and Service Dog in Training and we went out meeting everyone, but ya know I had to always sit before they would pet me.  So then I got smart when someone was walking by I would sit and look at them to say now come and pet me!  It usually worked cuz they all said I am so cute.  Wait a minute that sounds girly aren’t boys suppose to be handsome. Oh well they all liked me especially kids.


Training was so fun I went to work every day with Luanne to Lucky Dog Boarding & Training Center.  Then anytime she went somewhere I was right along with her.  I did become kind of a shop-a-holic going to every store and mall.  One time we did a display booth about training dogs and I had to be on my best behavior. Of course I was perfect if I have to say so myself. 


Then one day Luanne look so sad I was very worried.  We went to work and a man came and took me for a long ride to a prison.  At this prison I continued training and living with a man that lived there.  Yes it was different not going shopping but we did everything together, go to work, eat, etc.  The best part was the guys that lived there made up games and contest for all the dogs that lived there to compete in.  I always won, backing up full speed caring a bucket and going through a course caring a bucket.  This lasted about eight months and then Hearing and Service Dogs came and got me again.


I don't know what happen but they said I just wasn't going to work out for them.  The best thing was the day when my best friend Ashley Ann, Luanne, Paul McNutt and Albert came to see me to take me HOME at last.


So that is my story.  Now I am training for Agility, Obedience and Hunting competition. What a blast!  I get to run jump and just be loved and I am very much loved.  They tell me they are so happy to have me back in their lives again.  This is where I belong on Acorn Lake.




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Luanne Thorsvig

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